Monday, November 19, 2012

Unknown question

Well I had interview last week. The interviewer was asking which language I know best and which I know least? Guess what, I was never prepared for that question, and even worse. I said java is my best and c is my least. Obviously I didn't consider python or other languages like that. Even more confusing, I said c++ and c# in the middle. I think the interviewer got confused and I don't think he never heard this kind of answer yet. And from my side that was very stupid, I know c very well, how well? Probably better than many people who consider themselves expert in c. I just could say python or something like that. When I realize the goof it was late and I decided to go with that.

You what he asked me then? How OR, AND, NOT, XOR works, funny. Then he asked name of couple of data structures. When he was asking these questions, I got the idea that it is not gonna fly. But the take away was the unknown question. I think I should be more careful about answering unknown questions. You know what he was even saying "so you saying you know c++ better than c?" I think he was really shocked and thought I know none of them at all. Anyway I am pretty confident he is going to send me the rejection but I think I played really dumb this time.

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