Saturday, March 8, 2014


It has been a while I don't write anything. Well, part of the reason is half of my day I spend at my office about which I cannot or shouldn't talk about. And rest of the half I do meaningless stuff. So meaningless that when I go to bed, I feel pity for myself. It is so meaningless there is nothing to talk about them. Technically, I spend my time on stuff that cannot talk about or there is nothing to talk about them at all.

However, I noticed one thing though. I am getting older. I getting more and more mature day by day. And you know what people around me appreciate the change. I am not sure whether I do or not. But anyway, changes are good, they keep us going. I should not be scared of them I should be embrace them and take advantage of them. One thing I learn from my friend Peter Wirthumer is not taking advantage of the moment is painful. I should be start feeling that pain. I have seen him restless in pursuit of the moment and that keeps him going. Anyway, life is good.

Well, finally we moved to a new Condo. It is a much bigger place not like the old one where both of us had to cramble into a tiny 600sq-ft apartment with all of our furniture and amazon boxes. It is in Bellevue though, so I have to commute a little for office. I am fine with that. I believe bigger place makes you think bigger. Let see if that helps us at all.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lost in time

Seems like I am really busy, am I? Why don't I feel the speed? Why don't I feel the thrill? I am not thrilled, I am not excited, I am not feeling the speed. What am I busy with? Office? Not really. I have a feeling, I am lost. Lost in myself. I have been looking for last few months. Not sure what is missing? We were watching a movie last, it was movie where the central character was a heroine. At some point a guy was saying to the heroine, "you heroines are all the same, if you have career you run for love, if you have love you go after career." Isn't it the same for all of us? Grass is always greener on the other side. I am not after greener grass, I am after myself. I am lost, lost in time. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Waikiki is the beach for the first timer. It's a beach where everyone is doing something new. Lipa and I did snorkeling today. This is the first time I looked inside the water. It's an amazing world. We did our first paddle surfing, and body boarding here too. I am sure the beauty of Waikiki is long gone for excessive development. But a new kind of beauty has emerged from the reminiscent of natural beauty. It's the beauty of joyful face of tons of first timer. The majority of the surfers here stand on their feet for the first time. The joy in their face is no less than the one who just finished the triple crown of surfing. Look into their face, the beauty is no less than a Honu in crystal clear water.

I find people most amazing creature in the world. I am a city dweller, I grew up watching enormous number of people on the street. Probably that's why I find human being amazingly beautiful. Every face tells a story and most amazing of them is the face of the first timers. First timer of anything. And you would find plenty of them in Waikiki. It is the face of glory, it is the face of achievement, it is the face of fulfilment. I think Waikiki is still beautiful, may be not the way it used to be. It just got a new face.

BTW, the water is still beautiful and crazy blue! and waves are still gentle and amazing.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

North Shore, Oahu

Majestic blue water, tropical weather and spectacular scenic! No wonder Hawaii is one of the top vacation place. I think Hawaii is not a place it is a experience. If it does not lure you to think about your life one more time, you are not living, especially North Shore. Something with this North Shore, that makes you feel festive at the same time extremely philosophical. No wonder everything is philosophical here. Every word is connected to the deeper soul.

I am sure the big waves are extremely philosophical as well when they are breaking into the hard rock of Oahu. You almost can hear them talking. The Hawaiian waves are nothing like I have ever seen, especially those are in North Shore, Oahu. They are almost alive. The fountain created by those waves are way more spectacular than any man made fountain including famous Bellagio fountain, Las Vegas. And the music! What can be more melodious than the song of the sea. Just sitting on the beach and listening to them can make one content. Playing with them is a whole different story.

North shore is little less developed compared to Waikiki or other beaches around. But if you sit there for a while you would know that that's the way it should. If it does not make you rethink about your life, I am sure nothing does. When I was in Sunset Beach, North Shore yesterday, I had that feeling that if I could be everything. If I were a surfer I could play with the big waves, if I were a singer I could sing with the sea. If I were a dancer I could dance with the waves. I wish I were many more things just to experience the sea. I have never felt the pain of not being any of those before in the same way I did yesterday.

I used to think I don't love sea, boy I have never seen a living sea before. This sea is so lively that you almost can talk to the waves. They know for sure what you are talking and you would know their roar as well. Life in North Shore is nothing like I could have ever imagined. North Shore is not a vacation destination, it should not be a vacation destination. It the culmination of a human philosophical inner soul where nature and soul crate resonance with each other.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Wild Wild West

It is December again! Once more year. This is my fifth year in wild wild west. I have a feeling that I love this wild west. The more I see it the more I love it. I am not sure what I love about it. It is hard to tell. I guess the great thing about west is not what happened but it is what about to happen. I love the way it looks forward unlike other nations who sell their rotten history as their glory. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Auto enhance, aww !?

This is what Google Plus Auto Enhance did to one of my photo taken in a beautiful day :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Wow! Snapseed is cool. I have tried the snapseed after watching the Google presentation today. I think the end result is cool. This is a photograph of a Seattle morning while going to office. I think the interface is intuitive. I can see myself using it more often.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Packrat ;)

Found it somewhere, don't remember where. I liked it so much that I feel like it worth keeping.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New York

New York this time! New York, the capital of the world! I have been in new York before, it seems too busy last time. But I would definitely like to stay there for some time. New York has a lot common with Dhaka. The streets are too busy always happening. It is probably the most cosmopolitan city. But certainly yiu can feel Dhaka, even in Manhattan. There is always something to see, at least people on the street. What I like most about new York is its business. Some how everyone is running all the time. Settle is nice and busy but it is no way comparable to new York. The streets of New York are flavorful. Seattle on the hand is monotonous. However the scenic of Seattle is a second to none.

Waiting at the gate. Airport is dreadful place. I hate airport. Somehow airport makes me feel so bad that my face remains pale two days before and after any travel. Anyway, let see what's waiting for me in new York this time.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Travel photography in Las Vegas

Travel photography in Las Vegas, is little tricky. The lighting condition changes so abruptly, it is hard to keep up with lighting. If photography is the sole purpose of the Las Vegas trip then I guess it is not all that difficult, but if you are are a travel photographer like me, lighting can be very challenging. Each place has its own different lighting situation. Sometimes the light seems superfluous, sometimes it feels like creepy. Here are some things I learned in my last Las Vegas trip:

Keep a small bounce flash. Bounce flash is very useful is Vegas. Chances are high that you are taking indoor photographs, in that case bounce flash is really useful. You can definitely carry a large flash but if you want to travel light, bounce flash works just fine. I used SB-400 in my last trip and it served well.

Keep a careful eye on ISO. ISO is really important in Vegas. Each lighting situation deserves different ISO setting. The other two things of the triangle is pretty important as well. Carrying a monopod could be useful, but I used available camera supports (nearest wall or glass) for my pictures. But I definitely recommend something light, like monopod.

If you can keep up with white balance well, then no problem; otherwise I strongly recommend shooting raw. So that you don't have to worry about white balance. Otherwise white balance is another thing to worry about. Each place has its very different light, some are warm some are cool. Fixing white balance on-the-fly requires significant skill. You may ruin your trip messing with your camera settings. Hence, my recommendation is: shoot raw and fix the white balance later.

Play with frame ratio. Square frame or full frame could be very interesting as well. The good thing about Vegas, you can find all kinds of pictures for all sorts of frame ratio. Composition is the most important part of travel photography, at least to me. Frame size plays key role in composition. Don't get scared of experimenting with frame ratio. Experimenting with frame ratio could be very rewarding.

Finally and most importantly, don't ruin your trip in photography. There are other ways of enjoying Vegas, not just taking stunning pictures. Most importantly have fun in Vegas, don't ruin your entire trip on just the photography.