Sunday, March 26, 2017

In pursuit of freedom

I was watching a tv show called Chef's table. One of their episode was based on Chef Francis Mallmann. He in an wonderful story teller at least in the show. He was telling a story his childhood, the inspiration of his life and cooking. The story goes like: Francis met a guy in his childhood on the way back to home from school. He used to see the guy driving with a new lady everyday while Francis walk back. One day the guy asked Francis if he wants a ride to home. Francis somehow ended-up in that guy's house. There he found two young lady completely naked enjoying the sun by a pool. The young ladies saw Francis and asked leniently if he wants anything for drink? It was very unusual or uncommon scene for a kid like Francis. The whole thing stuck in his head and that guided him rest of his life.

What did Francis see? Francis didn't see the lavish life a guy neither the naked ladies. Francis saw freedom and spend his life in pursuit of that freedom. In Francis word he saw a world where people are free and free from everything. His search for that freedom brought us today's Francis Mallmann. Francis saw something, a school boy's dream scene, but he took an entirely different idea from there "the very concept of freedom." This is how diversity works, this is the beauty of diversity in ideas. This is how ideas propagate, evolve and make us little more mature every day. 

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