Thursday, December 27, 2012

California trip: San Francisco

We went San Francisco today. Although we had a plan to go to Yosemite today, we think it would be too adventurous to go to Yosemite today. So we went to San Francisco today. We wake up late and went the Japanese tea garden. The admission was $7 and I can tell it was a total crap. Bad start for a day.
Our next stop was San Francisco piers and we spend our whole day in piers. San Francisco piers are fun. They are busy and very active. Street shows, crown, scenic and delicious food. It was fun. Pier 39 was the best among all and most of the thing is going on pier 39.

There are plenty of food shops, mostly sea food. We enjoyed our time. Finally we went to a Thai food shop and had our dinner. We pretty much took a break today. Not too many activities. We were relaxed and resolved some of the grumpy feeling we had after yesterday's 12 hours ride.

Some of the streets in San Francisco were really steep and scary. Driving around San Francisco was fun. We have a busy day tomorrow.

I noticed some of my previous posts and pics are not in correct order and time. I'll fix them once I have some time.

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