Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I need to start writing my dissertation. I have been so busy with job hunting that I could not manage any time for dissertation. I guess I have two more months to wrap up my dissertation. I guess that's okay. Once I have an offer I can finish writing anytime. Writing the entire thing and putting them together should not be too difficult.

I need to collect few results as well. That's okay. I have the preliminary results for the extended approach and I noticed the final results are not too different from my preliminary results. I hope I can use some parts from my masters thesis. That's a big relief. I guess my introduction can be made out of my SIGMOD paper.

I need to complete the approach description part and theoretical analysis part. Result and analysis should not take more than month. Technically, I have March and half of April. I think I should start writing. This is middle of February and a dissertation would take at least two months.

My idea is I will finish first draft of four chapters by next week! Let see how it goes :)

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