Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mobile typing

I think people hate typing on mobile device, I wonder why? I think there is plenty room for innovation in this area. I guess industry also recognizes this problem. That's why we see so many different keyboards and prototypes floating around. Some people are trying to solve the problem from different angle like Google or apple is trying to come up with better voice command based system. I think there are people like me who are not willing to spend their words for device. There must be some other way? The purpose of keyboard is communicating with the device? What else I can do to communicate with my device. Eye tracking? Samsung is taking care of that. It's not working at all, and on the top of that it is very difficult to represent everything just by tracking eyes.

Some other keyboard layout? Maybe? We have already seen couple of layouts. None of them really got any traction. Predictive keyboard? Well that's not working very well. Sure things like swiftkey is very popular but I feel like it is a temporary solution. We need some kind of input mechanism that would make typing even more effortless. Let's think out of the box, instead of making keyboard layout more convenient for people can we eliminate the necessity of keyboard altogether? What ever it is, it has to be fast, and it can be translated into plaintext pretty easily. 

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