Monday, September 2, 2013

Going back from Vegas

Vegas is the ultimate fun place. My Vegas trip this year was a total disaster. We were is Vegas for three nights. First the hotel! I don't wanna talk about it. All I want to say, you are spending so much for the trip, do yourself a favor, don't pick super secret hotel from travelocity.

It would have been not that bad, if only the hotel is the problem. I feel like it is one of the worst trip I have ever had. From the very moment I saw lipa, I felt like I don't know her anymore. I was feeling like everything is a big dream and everything gonna go away once I awake. It was a terrible feeling. I didn't know I was missing her so much. Bit then once I met her, I felt like I didn't know her at all. I kept feeling like everything is temporary, part of a big dream. I did not know feeling something temporary could be so terrible.

And then most part of the trip I kept thinking that why I am feeling so bad. Finally, I realize it is the feeling, feeling something transient, that is bothering me so much. Finally, my plane is one and half hours late. I came here in the airport around 4:45 to see off zafar, parisa and lipa. My flight is still two hours from now. I am sitting here in Vegas airport, leaving behind a horrible trip and my sweet loving wife. Life is beautiful.

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