Friday, March 22, 2013

Mobile blogging

I don't write blog from my computer anymore. I have not been using blogspot Web interface for last two months. That's an interesting shift. It was quite predictable I guess. People like me who blog just for personal purpose don't have much thing to research. Blog in that case works more like personal tracker. It is no wonder the device that accompanies me most of my time would definitely have the upper hand when writing just for personal stuff.

I thing personal blogging would be one of those things that gonna be totally mobile in next few years. I guess social networking is another one. I just have one inconvenience which is typing. I hate mobile keyboard. I bought SwiftKey, but it didn't help much. Sometimes it becomes irritating. I guess there is plenty of room in this area. I guess there are lot of people who feel like me. That's why we see so many keyboard prototype surfacing on the Internet.

One interesting thing that gonna be very mobile is searching. When I say searching I don't mean researching. We do tons of quick search in our daily life for quick info. I guess mobile gonna take care of that from now on.

I see enormous potential on mobile devices for content consumption. But there is hardly any content creation. My biggest grievance is we cannot create content using Mobile devices except picture and video. That's why we see so many pictures and videos surfacing on the Internet now-a-days. I guess we are still lacking proper input method for these kind of devices. That's make me feel like these devices may not be in the market for long time. I do enjoy my devices though.

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