Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Microsoft, Inc

People like me who grew up in late nineties, Microsoft is the boss. When we start our undergrad in computer science, Microsoft was on the top of the world. I remember, in my first semester in BUET one of alumni came to BUET. He gave a talk about Microsoft. He used to work for Microsoft. We kind of saw him as a legend. Then I have heard a lot about our legendary alumnus who work for Microsoft. Growing up at that time, I have natural fascination about Microsoft. Microsoft is a great company to work for, I think.

I went to Redmond last week for Microsoft interview. I think their environment is great. The scenic from their Bellevue office was second to none. I loved it. I think the team that I was interviewed with was superb. I still feel the warm of the name Microsoft. Well, I got the offer today. This is one of my dream comes true moment. I could say that this is one of those moment I have been waiting for last thirteen years. The name Microsoft has lot of weight in it. I guess for our generation, we grew up dreaming to work for Microsoft someday.

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