Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Windows Azure

My advisor decided to teach cloud computing in this semester. So I have prepare all the materials for the cloud computing this semester. She is thinking of one or two assignments for cloud computing. So I am trying windows azure. It is interesting. I have to say the documentations have improved a lot. Almost everything works in first try. So far azure looks pretty straight forward. I am amazed that they offer support eclipse and java, not only that they provide simple instructions for eclipse. I have to say the documentation has came a long way. My early impression is so far good. Most importantly azure provide 90 days free trial for every new account. That's good we can ask for one or two assignments in this semester. I think we will ask for few simple cloud applications.

The boring part of exploring new technology is the waiting time while the software are being installed. I guess this is the time for blogging and that's what I am doing. I think my sp1 for visual studio is stuck :( let's see what can I do.

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