Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life of PI

We watched Life of PI yesterday. How was it? In plain English I hated it. But that's not what all I intend to say. I have a long story to tell. We went to the sleep late the day before yesterday, probably around 6:00 AM in the morning and wake up around 10:00 AM. We pretty much start our day with an Indian movie. It was not all that bad, one pregnant lady searches for her missing husband. I would say it was pretty good in Indian standard.

The real story started after that. So Zafar was on the hot seat of selecting movie for us. So, we start with a stand up comedy show and then some real bizzarely short films. After couple of hours of persuasion we managed to convince him for an anime. So somebody selected "Brave" for us. It was an anime but not meant for adults. And it was a little overdose for us.

Life of PI was next on the queue. Zafar built an hype for the movie. We were suppose to watch that movie the night before yesterday. And it was well reviewed by many critics according to Zafar. We all were excited to watch the movie "life of PI." So we decided not to start the movie without anybody. We eight and it was really hard to get them all together. Finally we managed to get all of us around 1:00 AM in the morning, and start the movie "the life of PI." Then all those craps! It was an overkill. At the end we were so f**ked up that we were desperately hoping for its end.

At the end, the day ends with Zafar's inglorious remark "cold outside and movie inside."

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