Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday morning

I am sitting in my patio in this beautiful Sunday morning. Everything is so calm and quiet. Westlake is not a busy neighborhood. People live in this area are very quiet. I have little bit of lake view and gentle breeze coming from the lake. The water also looks calm and quiet. Everything together makes the perfect tranquil Sunday morning.

Sundays are always notable to me. Back home it was a lazy day. I remember we always ran out of work on Sundays. When I first moved in Norman, Sundays were horrible. It always comes with the empty feeling and homesickness. Then I moved with lipa, Sundays were our personal time. We spend most of time watching movie or entirely doing nothing. And now after five days of work, Saturdays are usually taken care of some exotic plan. That left the Sundays for relaxing. The tranquility of Westlake added little more spice to that. I am enjoying this beautiful Sunday morning.

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