Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sigma 10-20 mm f/4-5.6

I bought this wide angle two or three months ago. The lens is quite cheap in that range. Wide angle is a whole different paradigm of photography. I am trying to learn wide angle but I must say the pictures are magical if taken correctly. More often than not pictures have way more things than I would like to have. I guess this is because of me. I have to learn how to use wide-angle. One quick tip, you would feel the pain of wide-angle lens if you take it with you for travel as an only carry around lens. So far I like the lens but my only complain is, pictures are not sharp. By not sharp, I mean they are significantly not sharp. I am not talking about razor sharp; the difference is noticeable by human eye, even in a crappy laptop display. If someone is fastidious about sharpness I guess he/she would hate it. Pictures are really soft. But most likely this lens is going to be used for landscape; in that case sharpness does not really matter much. But if you have a plan for close range distorted picture, be aware this lens gonna be real soft and that could be a huge turn off for some pictures. Here are some sample pics

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